ratatouille strychnine (tracesofsilver) wrote in thesadies,
ratatouille strychnine

pure bragging!

me and 3/4 of the sadies

that's right. me and 3/4 of the sadies! (i love the expressions on their faces.)
they were totally on my plane to vancouver yesterday! i was sitting at the beginning of the flight with my brother, and i was pretty sure i had just seen dallas walk by. sure enough, then came travis, and then the rest. sean was sitting right in front of my brother, and mike in the next aisle beside him. dallas and travis were a few rows back. i wasn't sure whether or not to say anything, but eventually (over 3 hours into the flight) i moved over one seat to the aisle (josh was in the bathroom) and said hi. i told sean that i was a big sadies fan and asked if they were playing a vancouver date. i was pretty sure they weren't, but it could have changed since i last checked. but alas, they're still not. he said something about them being booked at these places specifically (victoria, etc.) and not doing any more dates because they're getting old. heh. he introduced me to mike, who said hi and then went back to his headphones. and that was that, for the time being.

then, when we were waiting for the luggage at the airport, i saw dallas and mike and decided i wanted a picture with them because i'm cool like that. so my brother and i walked over, and then travis came too, so i said hi to him and dallas and they introduced themselves (well, dallas did, travis just kind of stood there, but i shook his hand anyway). then my brother took the picture. i'm not sure where sean was, but oh well. those good brothers are so...dry, or something. it's funny. travis asked me if i lived in vancouver, and as i answered, his gaze sort of directed upwards. maybe he didn't want to know the answer? maybe he was high?
anyway, so then we just hung around waiting for our bags, and then mike noticed my brother's baseball bag and asked if he played baseball (he does). they then got in a big discussion about baseball.

and then our bags came, and we left. dallas said bye. and gave me free tickets to a show. just kidding.

so yeah. craziness. i can now say i've waited for my luggage with one of canada's best live bands!

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