ratatouille strychnine (tracesofsilver) wrote in thesadies,
ratatouille strychnine

andre ethier/sadies/greg keelor in vancouver

i went to the concert last night at the commodore, and i had been wondering before if it would be as good, since i had thought that the sadies might just be backing greg keelor and not playing their own songs, but they ended up playing a set before joining greg keelor. (run-on sentences are fun!) and of course they were fabulous. i went to the concert to see the sadies, so most of the pictures are of them. and a couple with andre. i've never been so close, i was resting my beer on the stage!
anyway, i'm not really a photographer, but pictures are here if you're so inclined! (the last picture is of an honorary sadie. just kidding.)
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